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Skip The Attorney And File Your Own Divorce

Insider Secrets From A High Price Attorney Reveals...
How To File Your Own Divorce Without Paying A Bunch Of Money To An Attorney And Walk Out Of The Courtroom With Your Signed Divorce Decree
Join me for an hour when I introduce everything attorneys don't want you to know about just how easy it is to file your own divorce and break free from the 
expensive 1-1 attorney model that you don't need!
** Plus - Get A FREE Your FREE Whitepaper
"DIY Divorce Secrets" !
What You'll Learn On This FREE Web Class!
How to file your own divorce in with confidence in 7 EASY Steps and move on with your life in 3 days without paying thousands of dollars to an attorney or figuring it out on your own
How to fill out your paperwork correctly, file your case on your first trip to the courthouse, and testify at your final without figuring it out on your own!
How to create a fair division of the assets and debts that your Spouse will approve (and the Judge will accept) without starting WWIII.

Who Is This Webinar For?

  • Missouri Divorce:  If you are a resident of Missouri and will be filing your case in Missouri, this is for you!
  • Don't Want To Hire An Attorney Because You Have An Agreement: This is perfect for the couples who want to "Do Their Divorce Together".
  • You Don't Have A Lot Of Money: If you can't afford an attorney, this is a great option for you... even if you might need some help from a mediator or attorney.
  • ​Separated Already:  If you have been separated and everybody is keeping what they have, come and join in.  
  • Thinking About DIYing your Divorce:  If you are thinking about representing yourself, this is a MUST for you.

Who Is This Webinar NOT For?

  • Not A Missouri Divorce:  If you are not a resident of Missouri, this webinar probably won't help you.
  • Contested: If you know your spouse is going to get an attorney and they want a settlement you don't like, then this is not what you need... you need an attorney! BUT... if you really can't afford one, you might learn some tips that will be helpful. Plus, we can help you learn tips on saving $ on your attorney too!
  •  Child Born AFTER your marriage that is not your Husband's:  If you moved on with your life before you finished your divorce and now you have a child with someone else, DIY will NOT work for you.

You Need To Be On This Webinar...

** Plus - Get A FREE Your FREE Whitepaper
"DIY Divorce Secrets" !
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At this exclusive free webinar you'll be able to get the step by step easy coaching you need to be divorced in 3-4 months

  • What you will learn: Can YOU DIY your divorce?  Find out if you qualify now instead of in front of a room full of people at your court hearing who gets to DIY their divorce without hiring an attorney.  So now you know you qualify, how do you know what to do, how this works, or if you are doing it right?  You will learn how to do "your job" when filling out the documents and testifying at Court so the Judge can do "their job" and sign your Judgment of Dissolution!
  • Discover just how fast and pain fee your divorce can be: Your divorce does not have to cause you a bunch of stress and irritation... let alone cost a bunch of money.  Why not spend your money on a vacation, rent to move out on your own, new furniture, or something else fun rather than giving it to an attorney to file your divorce?  The good news is that you don't have to choose...DIY your Divorce alone or pay a bunch of money to an attorney.  This revolutionary program gives you the help you need all without the big price tag... and it is the ONLY option out there to get the help you need.
  • Fast, step by step online coaching to breeze through your divorce: Find the shortcut to DIY Divorce and all the concepts you need to know to act as your own attorney.  You can look like a pro without paying for one. I am also going to teach you about how to work with an attorney on a limited basis to minimize your cost if the Court requires it.  Plus, if you do have to hire an attorney, we will talk about the secrets to finding the "right fit" attorney for you.  

Get your ticket now ... seating is limited!  

This is a LIVE webinar... so come with your questions. 

Heck, you may even discover that you don't need an attorney for your simple easy uncontested divorce! 
In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive free webinar:

* Can I get divorced without an attorney?

* Does the Court care about my paperwork?  Can't I just turn in something and walk out divorced?

* How do you list your personal property?  Does it matter?

* How long does divorce take?

* What happens at the final hearing?

*  What is Limited Scope Representation?  Do I need an attorney to do part of my divorce paperwork?

... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this exclusive free webinar where you can see exactly what it takes to file, complete all the paperwork correctly, and how to testify like a pro so the Judge will sign your decree the first time you go to court.

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